Debbie Jane Wales

Roberta, Como, Italia

“PRIMORDIAL BELLE” products are simply fantastic!  Debbie, the creator of this line, is a very special person,she’s very smart and extremely well qualified. She personally takes care of every minimum details toprepare each product. Each ingredient has to be the best and absolutely 100% natural. All these attentions and lots of years of studies and experience behind her have permitted to get great products.

I’ve been using some of these products, such as Breast Illume, Happy healthy hair oil and Silk touch beauty balm, since quite long time and I’m really satisfied of them. They make me feel better and I’m sure my skin is happy too!

Anyway, Debbie is also a well qualified vegan cooker, pilates & yoga teachers. I miss her yoga lesson! Her lessons transmit discipline, calmness and harmony at the same time and all this help us to better know our body and help us to “get on in years” in the best way. This is what BEAUTY means and this is Debbie’s teaching!

Debra Jane Wales - Healer & Therapist