Debbie Jane Wales


Unpacking complex jargon, bringing it down to earth in an informative, simplified, way is my thing. Through conversation, storytelling, educational tools, and experiential work I hope to drive meaningful change, Inspire, and destigmatize the impact of the hidden world of dis-ease.My hope is to bring SOUL to everything we do...

I'm not your usual professional so I ask you to cast any assumptions aside. I'm unapologetically me! I may have pig tails, I may be bright, I may be bohemian, I may be in a shirt - Take me as you find me on the day. My day is tracked with deep interceptive awareness so I dress, and practice REAL self care not FAKE self care to please myself not others - This is when we are at our best!

I evoke emotion, laughs, and well...sometimes gasps. I'm perfectly imperfect, a life in process. I don't need you to love me, but I would really like that you respect me, and hear my point of view without personally judging, nor denying me as a human being.I'm not a performer saying what I think you want to hear or playing the part everyone thinks we should play to garner success - I say what we NEED to hear.

❤️ I appreciate your landing here...


Debra Jane Wales - Healer & Therapist