Debbie Jane Wales

Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness

Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a meditative practice that emphasizes an acceptance of experience in the present moment. It is about learning to be present with experiences, thoughts, emotions and sensations while accepting without judgment or attachment. 

While this can be really helpful in learning  to become more resilient and tolerant with disruptive thoughts and patterns recognizing the fear and discomfort as something transient that will pass, for some it can activate a resurfacing of unresolved experiences and events. When this is not managed for some it can lead to panic, disorientation, abreactions or flashbacks. 

I personally experienced this in my journey and was met with little preparation from those teaching it. Another issue which we are still not addressing too much is that survivors are really resourceful in over-riding the activation by simply not allowing themselves to completely immerse in the exercise of mindfulness. A kind of Pretend Mindfulness. 

It’s completely understandable as the brain and body will always try to protect themselves if they don’t feel safe. 

In Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness we are more sensitive to trauma and its manifestations allowing more space to Titrate in and out of experiences so you don’t feel overwhelmed or threatened. 

Debra is trained in TSM and her practice as a Trauma support Specialist and Therapeutic coach helps people with Complex Trauma, PTSD to name a few. You are in safe hands!

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Debra Jane Wales - Healer & Therapist