Debbie Jane Wales

IN-Bodied ED

Movement & Psycho - spiritual Empowerment Education


I think that all mind patterning are expressed in movement, through the body. And that all physically moving patterns have a mind.


Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen (BMC®)

There’s a core truth - Like animals, people are social creatures, and regardless  of the amount of social interaction needed for an individual, when we are related to with compassion, understanding and empathy, our entire system is balanced allowing the development of our highest ideals, capacities and wholeness. Here love and compassion conquer all. 

When the interaction and connection is judging, avoiding, indifferent, or threatening, the survival system dominates; the perfect storm aligns for shut down, withdrawal, anger, aggression and poor health. Here we erode from the inside out.      

The next core truth is under the right circumstances, at the right time, and using the right tools, we have infinite possibilities and capabilities to heal, re-affirm and re-connect with acceptance, unconditional love, and deep presence. 

Understanding how animals survive danger in nature, and how this relates to the human nervous system, helps those who’ve lived through trauma, toxic stress, systemic adversity, inequality, and diversity, re-evaluate their symptoms, and ‘behaviours’ as biologically normal, predictable, rational, understandable, and functional adaptations of the environment.      

Paired with a deeper understanding of how our nervous system interacts with   slower, embodied, and empowering practices such as yoga, somatic movement, and pilates, helps us make the best use of these practices as valuable interventions.      

From the practice of yoga we’ll explore: 

The Yamas - Goodness and tolerance. The Niyamas - Compassion and acceptance

 Asana, Meditations, and Pranayama. 

From the practice of somatic movement, fascial work, and pilates we’ll explore:

Movement, core, breath, pelvic flexibility and strength, somatic sensation, mindfulness, resilience and acceptance. 

From trauma and attachment theory and neurodiverse understanding we may explore: 

Hypo arousal & Hyper arousal ● Fear & terror ● Dissociation ● Memory loss & blocks ● Inflammation

Pelvic dysfunction ● Panic attacks ● Anxiety ● Fatigue ● Foggy thinking

Digestive issues ● Nutritional malnutrition ● Chronic stress impacts

Triggering & flashbacks ● Loneliness & isolation ● Attention difficulties ● Addictions & Compulsions ● Non awareness of bodily sensations or location● Self injury urges ● Shame & guilt ● 

Trauma impact issues in ASD ● Masking ● Epigenetics ● Trauma in BICOP community ● Trauma & Obesity ● Cultural curiosity and humility ● Spiritual insight in trauma

A class/workshop created for students of movement or care, survivors, and anyone who’s interested in the impact of trauma, diversity and exclusion on health and wellbeing. Can also be undertaken as a modified individual session.

Includes movement, exploration, reflection, and discussion. 

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Debra Jane Wales - Healer & Therapist