Debbie Jane Wales

Embodied Living


Underneath every human mask…there’s a story waiting to be healed…A Truth wanting to be shared…A love desiring to know itself … A beauty longing to express itself…A scream raging to release..A breath desperate to exhale…An aliveness yearning to be free…A path waiting to be known…and a life ready to be embodied.

Where head meets heart and Walk meets talk…This is body wisdom….This is EmBodied living!

Debbie x

Embodied Living blends Yoga, Nidra, & Mindfulness with Somatic practice, Practical tools & Neuroscience understanding to help you live a more Intentional life.

While we can develop verbal language for the sensations, feelings, thoughts and qualities that arise in movement and through touch, the body in its movement and breath usually expresses a far more honest and accurate picture of that which is unconscious, or wants to be expressed without adding or subtracting from what’s true. The brain can often deceive, especially when it’s something we don’t want to feel, or causes us pain; physical and emotional. Yet the body is always immediate - It won’t lie if you listen to it - and it’s always NOW. When we develop the means to notice with awareness, the conversation between the the body and mind we call this Embodiment.

With Practice, Surrender, and Inner work you will become more efficient in creating greater health, wellbeing, flexibility, inner power, safety and connection whilst cultivating a sense of knowing and presence that is often hard to reach…

All classes, workshops and sessions come Trauma Informed and Trauma Sensitive ( not always Trauma Specific). Classes coming for Neurodivergence - My Autistic/ADHD etc homies soon! Contact to express interest.

Debra Jane Wales - Healer & Therapist