Debbie Jane Wales

Body Buddy Up™

The Wound is where the light enters - The work is how the light endures...

Humans are miraculous creations with amazing capacities. Our bodies are designed to help us move, relate, play, inspire, survive and thrive. They help us travel, explore, run, dance and everything in between. 

They can also be a source of pain, and difficulty. For some the body has been such a source of fear and angst that the idea of ‘sensations’, are alien feeling as though there is no body at all. For other’s the body has been a source of such physical pain  only the gross pain is recognised and everything else seems to pale into grey. 

You may be able to relate to:

Sleeping difficulties & inability to relax ● Fatigue & tiredness ● Physical pain

General unease ● Leaving your body ● The desire to harm our body ●

 Body image shame, discomfort or distorted view of self ● Appetite control

Feeling as though you’re watching the world from outside ● Looking at yourself in a mirror without recognition ● Addictive tendencies.


For as long as I’ve been involved in movement, it was so surprising to me how much I was removed from my body - The pain of my past, and my brain’s betrayal, made it so hard for my wounded self to want to be around. My body had formed such a protective armour, when it finally melt through all the pain, it felt like i’d been granted a miracle. 

Debs x

In this class you’re invited to slow down and take more time to connect with moves, shapes, and forms, which balance the nervous system. You’re welcome to notice the felt sense of your body and make choices based on what you feel, or want to feel. At the same time you’re invited to strengthen, condition, and work on your muscles, skin, posture and internal systems. 

You will learn about the body from the inside out which is empowering; What it does and how it does it. Our hope is you can make friends with your body, learning to stay with your body and it’s experience with compassion and self acceptance, whilst understanding that you can also create change within.      

Class/Workshop themes may be:

What the stress response looks like in our body and why it happens

The mechanics of guilt & shame ● Inflammation in the body ● Alleviating pain through breath and somatic sensing ● Anatomy of a movement ● Why chronic stress and adversity causes poor health ● Using the breath and somatic sensing to make change ● Creating stability & safety ● Pelvic power, flexibility & core strength ● Acceptance &  self compassion in body image ● Working with mechanics of fear ● Benefits of self massage, safe massage & shaking ● Reframing touch & trust with safe partner work ● What’s subtle and gross energy and hows it affected by stress ● Organs and systems what they do, how they’re affected by chronic stress and how they heal ● Spiritual insight ●Resiliency & Competency

Classes and workshops are infused with yoga, movement, or pilates shapes and forms (specified), somatic meditations, discussions, reading, and drawing.

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Thank You.

Debra Jane Wales - Healer & Therapist