Debbie Jane Wales


Are you a business who wants to elevate, empower, and educate on the impact of trauma, toxic stress, and diversity within the workplace? Do you want to learn how to restore balance, health, production, and creativity both individually and to the web?? Do you want to embody real Resilience starting with Nervous System Health? 


What we don’t recognise or intuitively and instinctively ‘know' as similar we turn away from or fight - It’s an unconscious primal animal instinct. When people are ‘Different’ to the socially constructed norm ( not less than), unless those differences are explained, understood, and integrated peacefully we firstly start to experience Denial ( Lets pretend that’s not happening/exists - It’s your problem not ours) Oppression ( You’re different/odd so it must be you) Apathy ( I can’t be bothered to change it)

Eventually the people on the end of the ( sometimes seemingly innocent and unconscious ) abuse, and marginalization RISE which usually leads to anger, and unrest...until the balance is restored.Currently we see this happening both in the workplace and globaally at large. 


The most valuable qualities we possess as humans are Compassion, Empathy, Wisdom and Knowledge. As a leader it is KEY, as an employee it creates empowerment and responsibility. Cultivating authentic, honest relationships matter, and through this one can amass enough influence to make a difference in both the workplace AND our global community.

21st century business -

Thrilling and exciting on one hand, intense, and fast-paced on the other. Business and corporations big and small are being asked to move into a new paradigm creating collaboration, innovation, and workplace ethics. Getting ahead, and staying ahead is no longer about personal gain, it's about finding new tools, and cultivating existing tools whereby both employers and employees feel part of a shared vision and open communication channel.

Part of this vision also means Inclusivity and understanding how different groups or individuals are affected and reflected in the workplace;

Learning that trauma is a big deal and if it’s not dealt with the effects are monumental - From the symptoms of toxic stress, such as poor attention, low productivity, high absenteeism, general dis-ease and unease, to employees feeling uncared for, disempowered, and unhappy - and bosses being well - bossy, tyrannical and unapproachable.

Understanding that Neurodivergence such as Autism/ADHD are a Neurological Difference with positive attributes as well as challenges (not a disease ) and it would be good sense for business to start listening, adapting, learning and growing.

Realizing that Mental Health, until empowered, is often a source of pain and shame for people who live with it. Let's see to putting an end to stigma, shame and judgement and imagine how it is walking in someone else's shoes.

Understanding that given humans spend one third of their day at least in a workforce ( on site OR remotely) what takes place in business spills out into society at large, and says a lot about what we create collectively…

It’s time to stop banging our heads against a proverbial brick wall and really do something about it… Peacefully. Intelligently. Compassionately.

We may think we get there alone on our own steam but a species survives when it's collaborating, harmonizing, and acting for the greater good.

Applied through the lens of a wellness and trauma professional, a survivor and a thriver, with a lived mental health disorder and Autistic/ADHD…

I can provide training on Compassion Fatigue, Resilience, Social Justice, Neurodiversity and Marginalisation impact across the board;

From a speaking gig to an experiential Nervous System Tune Up with ancient wisdom arts and the latest cutting edge science on Emotional Re-regualtion, Movement and Wellbeing practice, or scheduled yoga, iRest, somatic movement, trauma sensitive mindfulness....

Actually the whole freaking Shbang! ( Is that even a word?)

Let me help with a fresh voice, a different approach, an insider vision, a sense of humour, and a seriously vast array of tools.

Debra Jane Wales - Healer & Therapist