Debbie Jane Wales

Beyond Image

Beyond Image is a melting pot of deep Inner Work with a healthy mix of natural resources. Created to support a move towards healthy body image, understanding and overcoming  dysfunctional eating patterns, whilst maximizing health and vitality.


We are  often afraid of unleashing our Inner Beauty as if once untethered we won’t know what to do with the magnificence. I know personally, owning it, meant I had to stand in my own power, and there’s responsibility in this. Ultimately the only way to heal was to accept that it was my pain - and the story of beauty and image society labelled us with - that wasn’t allowing me to stand in my power or see myself as enough.

Debbie x

I developed BEYOND IMAGE in my own search, acceptance and healing process. From severely dysfunctional eating to self loathing - I’ve lived through it all. There was a time I hated the reflection in the mirror, and like many I tried every trick in the book to make myself like it more, until I realised all I was trying to do was to mask a deeper pain. Liking myself, also meant being able to look in the mirror without projecting my pain onto it, which made me feel ugly, unloved and less than. It’s something most of us face, but especially those who have lived with deep shame or violation.

Explore and journey towards dismantling the deeper issues of pain; Motivations, addictions, compulsions and behaviours around image, beauty or food ● Re-establish a more intentional, empowered version of you, so your choices become more about what YOU Want ● Learn to befriend, inhabit, and feel safe with your body and sensations through deep somatic process, movement, and yoga ● Learn to recognise and discern the myths and misconceptions from the truth when it comes to health and beauty ● Explore healthy beauty and parasympathetic activation rituals of facial massage, self massage, or healthier options of nourishment for body, brain, skin, and sleep health with nutrition, and essential oils.● Go deeper into self acceptance and inner resilience eliminating the need to seek external approval ● Get clear on your non negotiable’s : What makes you feel better and what doesn’t, and learning to healthily accept responsibility for the consequences of either.

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Debra Jane Wales - Healer & Therapist