Debbie Jane Wales

Hi, I'm Debs

IF you want to live better, longer, healthier and happier...

Whether it's spiritual freedom, increased vitality, mental peace & clarity or emotional flexibility,  I'll help you lean into your own perfect 'Self' so you need never second guess yourself again!

D.J.W. The Soul Architect.

I believe we’re here to live a life we love !! Yet with so much to take us down, you may have found it hasn't always been the case. The big question is...

"How can we find  presence and aliveness  in a body, mind or world that’s often challenging or inhibiting??"

Because an either/or response isn't always an option, yet life doesn't wait around for us to get it perfect  to start living and loving ourselves, and we, my friends, shouldn’t have to !!

My practice exists on Three Core Truths:-

Although suffering and challenge exist, and no matter how distressed or stuck someone may feel - People have infinite capabilities to heal, re-affirm, re-connect, and experience authentic growth, health and joy.

People are unique and the path towards Sweet Spot Wellbeing and Unapologetically YOU  is equally unique. The methods and modalities are tools, the connection, conversation and collaboration between you and me is where the healing and growth are at.  On my watch you're going to have to work and learn to trust in your own perfect 'Self'' - it's simple not easy - but that work will give you a freedom you've never experienced before.  

We can't always change everything Out there, but we can do so much to transform Inside !!

Whether through individual, intimate group coaching, movement, and Personal Training or Conscious Compassionate business care and speaking. 

I Got You!


Hey. I'm Deb's.
Thank You for being here...

In my work I continuously strive to see, understand and help each person as a unique individual who's body, mind, spirit; The experiences that have touched them and the capacities that helped them arrive at this point, regardless of how maladaptive, dysfunctional or unhelpful they may initially appear, are still integral to their healing, transformation, growth and dreams...

When I tell my clients, no matter who they are, the body and brain responds accordingly to stressors, that may be overwhelming or mismatched for their physiology based on available resources, influences, experiences, time, or intensity - And it doesn't make them less than...Or that the way they are feeling, thinking, behaving, or stagnating is completely predictable and not a sign of weakness ...

When I tell them with that regardless of where they are or what they've been through their life can change, ,  their sense of relief is tangible...And so the journey begins...

This is why I do the work I do.  I feel incredibly honored to be privy to what's about to transpire in your  life or your organisations future.



I've been there...My experience with  Trauma, violence, violation, and tragic loss. Diagnosed AuADHD, recovered BPD and OCD, I've loved and hated my life, I've lived it and almost lost it.  An attempt, and a life saved, saw me hold onto my chance and hope with all of my will, because I realized...I Still Believe...I Still Desire...

I don't pretend the path to healing has been easy, but i'm nobody's victim including my own, and eventually I created an effective way up and through into a state of presence, health, vitality, and meaning, channeling a path back to a me I love despite any ongoing challenges..

My journey has helped me cultivate deep understanding and tolerance for the most difficult of human experiences, so you will know you have a Friend and Peer who is championing your success, as well as a resourceful professional who ‘gets it' and can help lead you through...

I'll walk beside you as you become a life hopeful - living, loving, resilience - ing, embodying, opening, discovering and growing…YOUR WAY…The way it’s supposed to be!!

“It’s hard to think of ourselves as anything other than your history, but I’ve learned there’s an inner energy that seeks more. With the right support, even the hardest stories are potent openings for healing and 'Self -Other' discovery, becoming our wisest teacher and our greatest strength, so we can finally live a life on our terms - Together!

Debra Jane Wales

My Approach

My practice is built on the foundation of both Cutting edge science, Embodiment, Movement, and Ancient Teaching Wisdom.

Sessions are an Integrative, Salutogenic and Dynamic, combining, full spectrum body and brain health and deep body based ( Somatic ) process. I bring  vital Psyche Ed in a Down to earth and meaningful way. 

Embodied, Somatic Movement, Yoga, Pilates and Personal Training are more than an 'Exercise for physical health' but a way to Full Bodied Soulful Living and Full Spectrum Health. I've took my nearly 3 decades of vocation and wide array of experiences to design curated sessions to support your life in the fullest way.   


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The Embodied Series

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Understanding what's going on inside of you is empowering; When it comes to opening up again and again - trusting, feeling safe, dreaming, believing, and taking action - after and through all the pain and adversity - your somatic, physical senses are like ordinary miracles allowing you to feel the pure nourishment of being energetically alive in your body at this time - No matter what! Debs x

Who I work with


Want to be coached, or have movement sessions with personal attention? Individual sessions proved the greatest levels of accountability, ongoing support, and guidance helping you achieve capacity, intentionality, breakthrough, and self discovery sooner, and more directly. I also provide peer support supervision and coaching. Yes Please!!

Groups - coming soon

Want to share the journey with others, doing the same work and supporting each other? Group coaching, and movement have a maximum of 10 people so you still get attention and care, yet form a bond with a group of like minded, healing, and growth - oriented friends. Count me in!


Are you a business who wants to elevate, empower, and educate on the impact of trauma, toxic stress, and diversity within the workplace? Do you want to learn how to restore balance, health, production, and creativity, and Compassionate Empathy, both individually, and to the web? I can help with a fresh voice, a different approach, an insider vision, a sense of humour, and a seriously vast array of tools. No brainer. I’m on it !
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Thoughts and things..

In my journal, I’ll be sharing stuff that I consider important to living an authentic, healthy, and empowered life. From simple (and strange) musings, to informational and inspirational thoughts. I’ll touch on subjects such as grief, loss, health, systemic inflammation, social justice and diversity, to neuroscience, consciousness and everything in-between.

I won’t sweeten it up, nor beat around the bush. I’ll be brutally honest yet compassionately aware.
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Programme / Speaking

I'm available for Speaking Gigs. Are you looking for someone with an Authentic voice to come and speak at your conference or business or on Autism, Diversity Anxiety, Trauma,Mental Health and suicide risk? I have 28 years professionally as well as a profound story with a message. Get in touch.
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Debra Jane Wales - Healer & Therapist